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. Herchen Buliding
  Inspired by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital (BTCGH) inaugurated life-respecting medical mission in Hualien. Though there is sparse population in Eastern Taiwan, BTCGH still put great efforts of driving Holistic Medical services combined with humanitarianism of Tzu Chi medical mission. BTCGH practices patient-oriented in acute and critical care, community medical care. For disadvantaged minority group, BTCGH voluntarily provided medical, charitable, and spiritual supports. Fulfilling the medical mission of love wins lots of praise from the society. In 2002, BTCGH was elevated to the level of Medical Center until now. Our Aim: Humanistic Medicine with Reverence for Life. Our Missions: Saving Lives, Safeguarding Health, Upholding the Spirit of Love. Our Vision: To become an ideal patient-centered hospital that can serve as a model for medical institutes worldwide. Our Goals: Serving the community, Caring with humanity, Managing with the information system, Becoming international.
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